Shakespeare Special!

Speaking Shakespeare with PJ Escobio.

“But words are words. I never yet did hear that the bruised heart was pierced through the ear.” ( Othello Act l Sc i)

Shakespeare never intended his work as literature, it was meant to be experienced. It was created for live actors to say on a live stage with an audience.

In this workshop the students will be both performer and audience.  They will focus on speaking the text which gives them a more sensory understanding of the iambic pentameter.  Through a series of imagination and group exercises they also gain a better understanding of the story’s plot, themes, and characters.  As audience members they begin to understand how to listen to the classical text without being overwhelmed by it.  Our Instructor, PJ Escobio, is the Artistic Director of Shakespeare Frankfurt and has directed and performed roles from all but 5 of Shakespeare’s plays.

PJ is offering 3 hour introductory workshops as well as longer courses involving 10 hours of tuition. Sessions can take place at The English Theatre or at school.

Please contact for more information.

How do I book a workshop?
This is easy, simply fill in the online application forms. All workshops must be booked using this form. Your application will be processed and you should receive an answer within 3 working days.

Which workshop should I choose?
Have a look at the workshop choices here, we also offer workshops based on the productions happening at our theatre, as well as specialist workshops für Leistungskurs and Abitur groups.

If you don´t know which workshop to choose, then say so on the form. We will advise you on the correct workshop to suit your needs.

What happens when I book a workshop?
Your application is sent to the Education Department, the dates are considered and booked into our event calender, and appropriate pedagogues will be assigned to teach your workshop. Thereafter a Pedagogue will contact you to confirm details.

When can I have a workshop?
Workshops can take place during the week, Monday to Friday at the following times


Please do not ask for all available days but instead suggest 3 dates that would suit you and your students, this way we are sure to find a suitable date and a back-up date if necessary.

How much does a workshop cost?
We try to keep under or around €10 per student, generally workshops are €120 per pedagogue, most teachers prefer to have two pedagogues with one workshop of 12-15 students taking place in the bar and the other group work in the theatre, then they swap locations. Therefore we have two workshops running parallel and your students have an enriched experience.

For custom-made workshops, where our pedagogues have to research a new novel or play, an amount of €150 is charged per pedagogue.

We try to reduce the numbers so that each student receives enough attention, we recommend that one pedagogue works with about 15 students.

Can you come to my school?
Yes, we offer workshops to schools but an additional fee is charged to cover travel costs, and this depends on where the school is located. All we need is space. The school hall, canteen, large classrooms or even the playground can serve as workshop spaces.

Do I have to book in advance?
We only need about 3 weeks notice to organise a workshop. It is worth trying at short notice as well, we like to think of our teachers as lucky. The last two weeks of each term is when we are normally overbooked with workshops, so please book earlier, at least 6 weeks in advance for this period.

What do I need to prepare for a workshop?

What do I need to do in the workshop?
Have fun!

What do the participants need to bring with them?
Workshops can be thirsty work, so please bring something to drink and a snack. There will be a short snack break half-way through in the bar area, but drinks and snacks are not on sale.

In winter, we request that students bring sneakers or trainers with them because some styles of boots damage the stage and limit movement. It is also for the students´ safety so that they do not slip.

In summer sandals are fine, but not flip flops, as students risk slipping while on stage.

May I take photos of the workshop?
Absolutely! And your students may do so as well, with their fellow students permission.