Plays for young audiences / Schooltours


by Claire Selby

Once upon a time… Max and Lara receive a magic gift from their Uncle Paul. They open the box and out comes Zed, the little red dragon. Together with their new friend and the audience, the children fly to Dragon Land, fight against the Bad Dragon and help Zed save the magic letters.

With The Little Red Dragon the English Theatre Frankfurt extends its educational outreach programme to early learners. It‘s a musical play for the youngest age group: with easily accessible songs and story for children from non-English-speaking backgrounds.


To help the children develop their skills and enlarge their language experience, we are offering an introductory package of 2 x 45 minute sessions at school (within the greater Frankfurt area) or at the theatre. Actors from THE LITTLE RED DRAGON will visit you in your classroom and prepare the children (and teachers) for the show. The workshops will cover themes and vocabulary from the show, as well as teach the children the songs and dances. Teachers will be provided with tips and tricks to prepare their classes and shown techniques that can be used for future lessons. The educational content has been designed by the play´s author, Claire Selby, and tailor-made for the ETFs production by music therapist Moriah Lorentz, also starring as “Lara” in THE LITTLE RED DRAGON.

The workshop consisting of two exclusive sessions with a DRAGON’s actor costs €100 for the entire class.

Show Dates and Times:

Monday 01 April @ 9 and 11 am
Tuesday 02 April @ 9 and 11 am
Monday 27 May @ 9 and 11 am
Tuesday 28 May @ 9 and 11 am
Monday 03 June @ 9 and 11 am
Tuesday 04 June @ 9 and 11 am
Wednesday 05 June @ 9 and 11 am

Ticket Price for The Little Red Dragon show: 10,- €


by Malte Anders

The comedy programme for schools about homosexuality, discrimination and being different

Homosexuality – a taboo in schools?! 

Not with Malte Anders! 

Malte Anders opens up the stage for discussion on sexual orientation, gender, tolerance and cultural diversity. Starting with homophobia, the comedian touches on prejudices and ignorance on a wider scale, reaching out to today’s youths. Putting himself at the centre of attention at first, the focus of the show widens and addresses uncertainties of teenagers in 2018. 

Without lecturing, he teaches tolerance and strength and counteracts discrimination and bullying in a young language. 

Malte Anders‘ 50-minute comedy programme about homosexuality, discrimination and being different is aimed at students aged 14 and up. The charismatic substitute teacher creates a new approach to these socially relevant themes – with a twinkle.   

Dates will be announced soon

Plays for young audiences

Every year, students from the age of 10 and up enjoy our special youth production. The plays deal with topics and stories that reflect the experiences and literary interests of our young audience. The language is adapted to their level and we support teachers with scripts, worksheets and follow-up workshops. This season The English Theatre Frankfurt will present an adaptation of the Oscar Wilde classic, The Canterville Ghost, for our young audiences.

The performance has been specifically designed for a target audience between the ages of 11 and 14. In other words, it is most suitable for the 5th to 7th grades.

Students from the third grade and up who are more fluent in English are also most welcome to attend.

The duration of the show is approximately 60 minutes, with an actor talkback session afterwards. Price: € 10 per ticket. This includes a textbook and detailed materials for working with students. The materials can be downloaded from our website at no extra cost.

Accompanying teachers receive free tickets.

Due to popular demand our Plays for Young Audiences programme has been extended to include entertainment for the whole family over the Christmas period. This silly season children and their families can watch Cinderella, a classic pantomime suitable for all ages during December.

Duration of the show:
approximately 55 minutes

Price: 10,- Euro per ticket.

This includes a textbook and highly detailed materials
for working with your students. The material can be downloaded from this website. Accompanying teachers will get free tickets.


Play Booklets and Materials

In order to better understand the play we recommend that teachers briefly introduce the piece to students before watching the show. Educational materials to be used in the classroom will be available online. Teachers can use these in the classroom to improve and enrich the students´ understanding of the play and the worksheets are helpful for follow-up exercises.

Please register using the online form provided. The play scripts are available in booklet form and are included in the ticket price.These are automatically ordered upon registration.

Please note that cancellations need to be made well in advance for us to make alternative arrangements.

The booklets for students will be sent directly to the schools. For re-orders, changed orders or additional orders of booklets the delivery costs will need to be borne by the respective school. Payment will be cash on delivery.

Duration of the show: approximately 60 minute
Price: 10,- Euro per ticket.

This includes a textbook and highly detailed materials for working with your students. The textbook will be sent per post before the performance. The material can be downloaded from this website. Accompanying teachers will get free tickets.