Drama Club

Drama Club

The Drama Club has given schoolchildren and students the opportunity to work with professional English-speaking actors in a professional setting. It has followed different formats over the course of its history, and a new chapter is opening this year.

With a focus on increasing participants’ appreciation of theatre and its role in their lives, the Drama Club will meet regularly. Every second meeting, participants will attend a theatrical production in and around Frankfurt, usually though perhaps not exclusively, in English, after which they will get together to discuss the production and its impact on them personally. A pedagogue from The English Theatre Frankfurt will provide some direction in appreciating the production, guidance that will vary from one show to the next.

During the other meetings, participants will come together at The English Theatre Frankfurt to experience theatre games and exercises directed by a pedagogue and, once again, with the aim of increasing their appreciation of the performer’s craft. Toward the end of the academic year, participants will create their own scenes and perform them for each other, under the direction and guidance of our pedagogues.

Regular participation is designed to help Drama Club members understand the rigor, training and stamina professionals bring to the art form and to enjoy theatrical productions more thoroughly and profoundly.

Membership in the Drama Club itself is free and open to all persons aged 14 and over! Members pay for their own show tickets but enjoy the opportunity of group discounts thanks to the club. Bear in mind that joining a post-show discussion means being out until at least 11:00 pm on occasion. Members also pay a small fee of €5 per person for meetings at the English Theatre Frankfurt to reimburse the pedagogues for their preparation and commitment.

To join, please contact education@english-theatre.de

Please note: The Drama Club is on hiatus during the 2017-2018 season. Please contact the Education department after the summer holidays if you are interested in participating in the new season.

Alice in Wonderland

History of productions:

2004/05 : P.Shaffer, „Equus“
2005/06 : R.John, „Living With Lady Macbeth“
2006/07: Musical „OLIVER!”
2007/08: W. Shakespeare, „Romeo and Juliet“
2008/09: Musical „Little Shop of Horrors“
2009/10: Huxley, “Brave new World”
2010/11: Musical “Fiddler on the Roof”
2011/12: Musical “Threepenny Opera”
2012/13: Arthur Miller “The Crucible”
2013/14: Musical “The Black Rider”
2014/15: Musical “Alice in Wonderland”
2015/16 : R.John, „Living With Lady Macbeth“