Drama Club

Come on Stage!

The Drama Club was introduced as a special educational outreach project in 2005. Since then the Club has invited students to meet adult local professional and amateur actors working together on stage.

History of productions:

2004/05 : P.Shaffer, „Equus“
2005/06 : R.John, „Living With Lady Macbeth“
2006/07: Musical „OLIVER!”
2007/08: W. Shakespeare, „Romeo and Juliet“
2008/09: Musical „Little Shop of Horrors“
2009/10: Huxley, “Brave new World”
2010/11: Musical “Fiddler on the Roof”
2011/12: Musical “Threepenny Opera”
2012/13: Arthur Miller “The Crucible”
2013/14: Musical “The Black Rider”
2014/15: Musical “Alice in Wonderland”
2015/16 : R.John, „Living With Lady Macbeth“